Electric cordless screwdriver

продюсер: Fiam


With an automatic shut-off control when the preset torque value is reached. They feature an ergonomic grip with a soft-grip coating, foolproof start button that prevents repeat starts on screws that have already been tightened and button-operated reversibility. They have multiple operator-safety controls using LEDs and a variety of audible warnings. They come with the maximum speed specified in the catalogue and this speed can be adjusted to suit the type of application by means of the external Programmer (available on request). The tools run off lithium-ion batteries.


    Nm in lb RPM Kg lb l ø
18CBB3P 119551001 0.8÷3 7.08÷26.55 500-1550 0.95 2.09 203X238H
18CBB6P 119551002 1÷6 8.85÷53.1 300-900 0.95 2.09 203X238H
18CBB9P 119551003 1.5÷9 13.28÷79.65 300-700 0.95 2.09 203X238H
18CBB12P 119551004 2÷12 17.7÷106.2 250-550 0.95 2.09 203X238H