Tłoki sprężynowe

Producent: Southco

A relatively short retraction stroke – about 3.7 (.15") – and spring-loaded tension ensures positive engagement/disengagement of plunger in limited space applications.
  • Designed for minimum 0.8 mm thick panels
  • Retractable pin design permits simplified positioning of sliding components
  • Stay-open feature enables user to retract plunger and rotate knob 90 degrees to keep pin retracted
  • Accentuated head styles provide ample grip
  • Small footprint for limited space applications
Available Options
  • Prism” colored fasteners available in standard and 4C styled knob to differentiate access points through color
  • Stay-open and non-stay-open versions
  • Press-in and flare-in styles available
Industry Applications
  • Commercial Lighting Fixtures
  • Electrical Equipment/Switchgear
  • Enclosure Companies
  • Servers/Data Storage
  • Telecoms/Networking – Switches, Routers
Catalogue page can be downloaded in PDF version below.