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Producent: Southco

This heavy duty swing-handle latch design enhances vandal-resistant security and provides three points of engagement for even gasket compression in environmental, EMI, and RFI sealing applications. The versatile options of cam offset offer tremendous flexibility for installation and adjustment.


  • 5 mm true center-point compression is a Southco exclusive
  • Handle partially recessed into door for a clean enclosure face, pops up for easy access to swing handle, and twists in either direction to release the compression under control and to open the door
  • Modular designed rods accommodate door spans up to 2 meters (78.7") long
  • Attractive aesthetics and ergonomic design provide a high-end look and feel


Available Options

  • Four locking options include keylock with or without padlock hasp, a DIN 18254 lock plug, or tool-actuated handle release with padlock
  • Standard 1 meter long aluminum rod offered; easy to cut to length during installation, allows handle actuator to be positioned high, low, or centered on door panel


Standards and Specifications

  • Maximum static load is 250 N (55 lbf) per latch point
  • Average ultimate load is 580N (130 lbf) for entire system
  • Multiple locking options offer different levels of access control and locking security, with end user flexibility of keycode assignment and management
  • Fits outer door thicknesses ranging from 1.5 mm (.06") to 4.5 mm (.177") and can be used on double-walled doors
  • Multiple cam options accommodate a wide range of door grip dimensions (the distance from the face of the door to the point of engagement) ranging from cam grip of 6.5 mm (.26") to 112 mm (4.41"), each with 5.5 mm (.22") of grip adjustment


Industry Applications

  • Electronics Enclosures
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Enclosures
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Telecom Enclosures

Catalogue page can be downloaded in PDF version below.