Systemy kompresji Multi-point

Producent: Southco

A complete M3 latching system consists of an actuator, two or more remote compression latches, and one or two hexagonal rod(s). The hex-shaped drive rods run the length of the cabinet door to enable you to drive multiple compression latches simultaneously from one actuation point.


  • Multiple latch points can be positioned anywhere along the hex drive rod
  • Each remote latch point provides 5 mm (.20") of compression
  • Easy to operate with a straight pull on the actuator handle
  • Protection of latch mechanisms inside of gasketed seal is suitable for outdoor use
  • Available with multiple choices of hand-, tool-, or key-operated actuator styles
  • Latch mechanisms offer adjustable grip dimensions to suit application


Available Options

  • Optional keepers are available to provide grip ranges from 15 mm (.59") to 30 mm (1.18")
  • Lift-handle actuator offers added option of padlock hasp to existing built-in locking mechanisms
  • Optional gaskets available for environmental or EMC sealing


Standards and Specifications

  • Maximum static working load: 890 N (200 lbs.)
  • When mounted with the appropriate gaskets, the lift-, paddle-, and push-button-handle-style actuators satisfy the requirements of NEMA 4, IP-66, or EMC applications


Industry Applications

  • Computer
  • Electronics Enclosures
  • Exhibits/Signs
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Enclosures
  • Industrial Machinery, Machine Tools, Metal Cutting
  • Medical
  • Networking
  • Telecommunications



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