Wtyki blokad

Producent: Southco



Die-cast zinc lock plug construction provides a durable housing for a brass disc-tumbler lock design. Lock plugs are installed without any special tools and removed using a special key. Common lock-plug configuration reduces inventory requirements, allows on-site customization and simplifies the ability to assign common key codes across multiple latch body styles.


  • Modular design fits multiple latch styles, for one-key convenience throughout an installation
  • Shuttered lock styles keep out dirt and moisture
  • Finish options include black powder coat, bright chrome or stainless steel scalp
  • Most lock plugs are provided with two nickel plated brass keys, extra keys may be ordered separately


Available Options

  • Keys are available plain, or with an over-molded plastic sleeve for enhanced grip and style
  • Available with stainless steel drop shutters or nickel plated brass slide shutters
  • Lock plug bodies also available in engineered thermoplastic styles to match other latch constructions
  • Tool actuated lock plugs are also available, but unlike key locking lock plugs are not removable after installation
  • DIN standard lock plugs are available for both key and tool access


Industry Applications

  • Suitable for all applications using a latch compatible with PK-style or DIN-style lock plugs



Catalogue page can be downloaded in PDF version below.