Bolt-type hose clamps - type S

Produce: MPC


Bolt-type hose clamp MPC® S is made according to European DIN 3017. The main characteristics, such as rolled-up edges (avoids cutting the hose), a bridge and solid rings and three welded points, ensure that this clamp combines strength with increased safety. The raised screw head also facilitates tightening.


This type of clamp is available in versions:

  • W1 - All parts of clamp made in high quality steel and electroplated separately before assembly
  • W2 - Cage and band in chromium steel AISI 430 (European DIN 1.4016) and screws in bichromated galvanised steel
  • W4 - Clamp made entirely in chromium-nickel steel AISI 304 (European DIN 1.4301)


Catalogue page can be downloaded in PDF version below.