Hose clamps - type EF

Produce: MPC


Hose clamp MPC® 'EF' with solid 9 mm band is made according to standard European DIN 3017. It is used to fix flexible or semi-rigid circular ducting. This economic and easy-to-fit clamp is ideal for the majority of ventilation installations. The stamped band, with no perforations over its entire length, allows a clamping range from Ø 25 mm to the maximum Ø indicated. 


This type of clamp is available in versions:

  • W2 - Cage and band in chromium steel AISI 430 (European DIN 1.4016) and screws in bichromated galvanised steel.
  • W4 - Clamp made entirely in chromium- nickel steel AISI 304 (European DIN 1.4301)


Catalogue page can be downloaded in PDF version below.