Hose clamps - type G

Produce: MPC


Hose clamp 'G' complies with standard SMS 2298. This clamp is only produced in stainless steel 304 and 316. This clamp is equipped with a stamped band with rolled-up edges, which allows perfect clamping on the hose without damaging it. This clamp will withstand high torsional levels and does not deform under the axial and radial forces that occur during clamping.


This type of clamp is available in versions:

  • W4 - Clamp made entirely in chromium- nickel steel AISI 304 (European DIN 1.4301)
  • W5 - Clamp made entirely in molybdenum- chromium- nickel steel AISI 316 (European DIN 1.4401)


Catalogue page can be downloaded in PDF version below.