Hose clamps - type ST

Produce: MPC


The hose clamp 'ST' complies with standard SMS 2298. This heavy duty clamp is suitable for demanding applications in heavy industry, for trucks and site equipment, etc. This clamp is not only very robust, but it will also last much longer compared to classic electroplating protection. The band with rolled- up edges ensures perfect clamping on the hose without damaging it. The compact screw and ratchet assembly and also the housing made from a drawn tube make this clamp highly torsion-resistant.


This type of clamp is available in versions:

  • W1 - All parts of clamp made in high quality steel and electroplated separately before assembly.
  • W2 - Cage and band in chromium steel AISI 430 (Europen DIN 1.4016) and screws in biochromated galvanised steel.


Catalogue page can be downloaded in PDF version below.