series 50F

Produce: Camloc

Particular Features:

- max. tensile strength 900N,

- plastic washer stud assembly to protect decorative surfaces,

- spring loaded receptacle as snap-in and clip-on design,

- snap-in grommet for quick stud installation without retaining washer.



1) head, 2) washer, 3) lock washer, 4) axle, 5) socket.     

Slotted Recess Head

  • steel/zinc-plated
  • CrVI- free
  • transparent passivated
  • with plastic washer (PA6)
  • available also cross recess head

Hex Head Slotted Recess

  • steel/zinc-plated
  • CrVI-free
  • transparent passivated
  • temperature 80°C
  • available also hex recess head


Catalogue page can be downloaded in PDF version below.