Centre for Riveting Technology

Following an in-depth analysis of market needs and client demand UNI-BIS Sp. z o.o.- as the only company on the Polish market- opened the Centre for Riveting Technology. We have the largest stock of riveting tools and spare parts for these tools as well as blind rivets and blind rivet nuts in Poland, with most products being supplied by the world's top manufacturers. Our range inclues over 20 000 rivets and blind rivet nuts, 200 models of riveting tools and 3000 spare parts for these tools.


Centre for Riveting Technology provides comprehensive service covering:

  • sale of rivets, blind rivet nuts and riveting tools, 
  • supply of spare parts for tools and equipment, repairs and maintenance (warranty and post warranty) provided for most tools and machines available on the market,
  • advice on the choice of product suit current needs of the client,
  • training sessions in the scope of use of riveting tools and machines,
  • delivery of non-standard orders for fasteners, 
  • implemention of newly improved fasteners and tools.

In terms of rivets and rivet nuts and rivet tools for global manufacturers offer products such as: Emhart/POP (England), Alcoa/Huck (USA), Dejond (Belgium), LaClussiene-Clufix (France), Avdel (Germany), Titgemeyer group (Germany), Bralo (Italy), MMA SRL (Italy), Gesipa Polska Sp. z o.o. (Germany) and other.

Key benefits for the client:

  • comprehensive customer service,
  • short delivery times with deadlines met on a regular basis,
  • wide range of products supplied by the world's leading manufacturers,
  • time and cost savings related to downtime owing to our maintenance scheme covering most tools and machines available on the Polish market,
  • professional technical advice and training in the use of tools and machines,
  • our offer is tailor to the individual needs of each client.

The Board of UNI-BIS Sp. z o.o. undertakes to ensure resources necessary for implementation of adopted Quality Policy and to maintain and continuously improve Quality Management System acc. to PN-EN ISO 9001:2008, adapting it to ever changing market conditions and ever increasing expectations of customers.